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Hey story-loving folks! I’m undertaking a major overhaul of this website – which is why you will not find latest updates (such as about my new e-Course on Data Storytelling) on this site.

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Meanwhile you can still browse through this site for some good ol’ content from the wonderful world of storytelling.

Storytelling is Powerful

As a Storytelling Coach and Advisor, I enable senior leaders leverage the power of storytelling for better business outcomes. These are usually through in-person workshops or consulting/coaching assignments.

Here’s a quick sample of a talk on Business Storytelling. You can catch the rest of it on my YouTube channel.

Services offered

I offer training in Data and Business Storytelling skills. In addition, you can also reach out to me for help with your narrative/script for high-stakes presentation events (such as TED talks or conference events).

Indicative Client list

These are some of the clients that I have worked with:

Note: Some of the above client engagements have been through partner organisations that I have worked with.

Client feedback

Here’s some of the heartwarming feedback I’ve received for my interventions.

Ravi is a master of storytelling. We had the ringside view of his craft when he volunteered his time as Speaker Coach at TEDxPune 2019. Lots of people have the ability to take your idea and create a great story. Very few people can take an already great story and make it ‘wow’. Ravi did that magic for our speakers. His astute observation of what will work, what will not, how to strategically use imagery to highlight a key point and how to keep the focus on the narrative were appreciated by our speakers, and finally by the audience. Ravi has a very collaborative approach and was able to work across various age groups of our teams and speakers in an enabling and warm manner. Our team was enriched by his insights and support. Highly recommended if you want to make your Story Rule!” – Ashwin Naik, Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Pune Leader

“THANK YOU for the excellent workshop on Business Storytelling. The participants were very appreciative of the format. Almost all the participants dropped me a note to say that it was “time well spent”, “incredibly helpful”, “happy I attended”, “useful tips”, “very good session”, “marked improvement in my pre & post versions; what was I even thinking earlier?!” Fabulous feedback” – Senior Director, US Financial services major

“It was a wonderful session. I am saying wonderful – because even on the Sunday I was thinking about how to use some of the tools for an upcoming presentation. I feel, and unflatteringly, that when you think of something, and that comes up unconsciously, it means it has left some indelible mark on your mind. I think any session is successful, when such an indelible mark is left in the mind of the participants.” – Senior Product Strategy Head, Indian IT major

“We could observe vast improvement in all the presentations given by the business heads….  Once again, you have gone above and beyond in your efforts to bring out the best in each of them!” – HR Head, Leading travel company

“The 2-day workshop on storytelling was very useful. We saw a significant improvement in the startups’ communication of their message in a crisp way.” COO, Agri-tech Accelerator

“This is the best training I have attended from any of the vendors at our firm. The facilitator was the best ever (that I have encountered).”  Participant, Leading Analytics company

Unlock the power of Storytelling at work

If you would like to unlock the power of storytelling at work, I would be happy to support you in your journey.

You can read about what I do, why and my background on this website. Some Client Success stories are in this section, while the heart of the site are the blog posts on storytelling.

Reach out to me at