Story Rules offers the following services

  1. Training: If you are a business/L&D leader and have a team of people in leadership/middle management roles in any knowledge-based sector, and would like them to learn and use effective storytelling principles – you’ve reached the right place. For our training offering, we first understand the current skill-set of target participants and tailor the right training program for them. These trainings have been successfully offered to organisations such as Accenture, Fidelity, ICICI Bank, Infosys, IIM-A, IQVIA, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Tech Mahindra  etc.
  2. Advisory: If you are a leader in any organisation and need to craft and deliver a critical presentation, we’re here to help. You may have all (ok most of) the information needed and probably even have some of the slides done – but would like someone to ‘redo’ your whole presentation to make it more impactful. Story Rules will help you craft the narrative, put together the slides and prepare for delivery.
  3. Speaking: If you have a team of people at your organisation or are part of a networking circle (such as EO, TIE) who you’d want to expose to high impact storytelling skills, then Story Rules would love to help. We conduct short talks/seminars which provide an effective introduction to good business-storytelling practices and contain practical tips that people can immediately begin to use at work.

The Blog

The skill-set that ties all of the above is that of ‘business storytelling’. The blog is an effort to showcase and learn from:

  • Examples of good storytelling from a variety of fields: business, media, history, sports, science
  • ‘Makeovers’ of some not-so-good examples of corporate presentations and other communication

Some of you may be bemused at the recent popularity (hype?) of the word ‘storytelling’. The scepticism is understandable – for most of us, the word ‘story’ holds one of two meanings: bedtime stories that we heard as children (or those that we tell our kids even as they stubbornly refuse to sleep); or the long fiction that your colleague spins when he has missed his annual target.

This website does not deal with either of the above. Story Rules will instead celebrate the power of storytelling in the vast non-fiction domain – encompassing a range of fields such as business, sport, media, entertainment, politics, history, science, humour et al. The idea is to see master storytellers – such as Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Bryson, Jon Stewart, Hans Rosling, Stephen Dubner, Harsha Bhogle, Shekhar Gupta – at work, deconstruct their approaches and techniques and learn from them in order to communicate more effectively at work (and in life!).