Story Rules is the brainchild (and passion project) of Ravishankar Iyer.

Ravi is a Chartered Accountant (he requests that this never be held against him), an MBA and a history buff. He’s lived most of his early life in Mumbai (although his wife helpfully reminds him that it was Thane and not Mumbai) and work-life in Delhi. He currently lives in Pune, with his father, the aforesaid wife and a story-loving seven-year-old boy.

Ravi enjoys the process of deconstructing good storytelling to:

  • Coach and train leaders to tell their work stories better
  • Consult with businesses for high-stakes story events
  • Tell effective and engaging stories himself (whether they be in the corporate domain or in his favourite area of history)

Here’s a brief profile:

For storytelling advisory services, training/workshop and speaking engagements please get in touch at